Winner of London Prestige Awards

There are no words to describe how proud I feel with each of these awards! I wake up super early every morning, get on the train same as everyone else, usualy no time to have breakfast - just a quick coffee, then I work for 9-11 hours straight with little breaks or none. Once back home I answer enquiries until about 10/ 11 pm and then I go to sleep. I never wonder why I am doing it, even when people ask why I work such silly hours. I just love my work. The whole scope. I love how with just my two hands I can make such a difference or improvement to so many people's lives. I never expect any recognition for it. This is just what I do, what I love doing. But last year and this year have been f

OMG I AM MELTING! Not one, not two but THREE CATEGORIES I'm a FINALIST in!!!

I am beyond excited to be put up there with the Best of the Best from the UK and the WORLD!! Finalist in - - MEDICAL AREOLA, - MICROBLADING, - SCALP MICROPIGMENTATION, MEDICAL TATTOOING RECONSTRUCTION treatments are life changing to so many and I am privileged to be able to provide the full scope of Micropigmentation: ** 3D Realism Nipple & Areola Medical Tattoo; ** SMP & FMP ( Scalp & Facial Micropigmentation); ** Alopecia, Trichotillomania & post Chemo Eyebrows & Eyelash impression Restoration; ** Cleft Lip Reconstruction; ** Scar Camouflage & Pigment Recovery, Microneedling; And so much MORE! I can't wait to see all of my esteemed colleagues!! We all work so hard and these amazing e

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El Truchan - Elite trainer at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy
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