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What do our clients say?

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"I was looking for months online at solutions to fuller eyebrows. In the past have tried tinting, even eyebrow extensions but neither lasted a week. I started looking at semi permanent make up and came across the natural hair stroke and lip blush - as I have also always wanted darker more defined lips. After looking into different places to go, I found El on Wahanda. All her reviews were fantastic and I looked at some of the before and after pictures of her previous clients on her website. After seeing the pictures I thought, I have to have this done, as for years have been drawing my lips and eyebrows on which takes me ages in the morning. I booked the appointment and El sent me a patch test and questionnaire in the post prior to the appointment. She told me to wear my usual make up on the day so she could see how I do my eyebrows and lips. On the day I was greeted by El, she was very welcoming and made me feel at ease. Before the actual procedure we had a consultation, we discussed shape and colour. She then drew on my face in pencil so I could see the shape before starting and to make sure I was 100% happy. I was thrilled with the results both my eyebrows and lips look amazing I can't believe how natural they both look. My eyebrows are actually a ten times better shape than I ever drew on. I would highly recommend El to anyone considering semi permanent makeup. She is very professional, patient and explains every step, even the aftercare was brilliant which included a follow up appointment to review the results and free touch up. It is definitely worth every penny and El is truly passionate and a perfectionist when it comes to her clients and work, can't thank her enough!"


- Molly A.

"I first saw El in June 2015 and was immediately impressed by her excellent communication skills. I found the venue easily according to El's directions. I was greeted by a warm and friendly El who instantly made me feel comfortable. During the consultation for eyeliner with a flick and lip blush, I was struck by how thorough the discussion was, which was a sign that El was dedicated to the best possible outcome for her clients. She allowed me to express my wishes and gave her professional guidance as to the best shape/size/colour etc and meticulously planned and carefully considered the placement of each stroke by drawing a pencil outline. After fully explaining the treatment El began to use the semi-permanent laser and I felt relaxed as I knew I was in safe hands. A few hours later I was finished and was extremely happy with the result. I have blonde hair so my eyelashes are faint and the eyeliner really enhances my eyes and lip blush brings colour to my lips to save me time in the mornings. I was so happy with the treatments that I booked an eyebrow re-shape and colour correction for the semi-permanent eyebrows I had from another salon. I am going for my re-touch tomorrow where I can make final tweaks to the shape/colour and am extremely happy with how they look (full & shapely) and they are a vast improvement from the previous eyebrows I had. I can honestly say that El is one of the best in her field, having seen other semi-permanent makeup technicians and as a beauty professional she is miles above the rest, I highly recommend her."

- Heather

Had my eyebrows and a tiny lip pigmentation mark done with El. She represents the high standards of the industry being highly professional in her approach explaining the treatment well every step of the way and ensuring the client is comfortable and fully understands the procedure and the aftercare involved. Her patience and a lovely welcoming personality would make anybody feel at ease. My brows and lips look natural, I’m very happy with them and I would highly recommend the treatment with El.


- Maria B.

"Quite honesty the best money I've ever spent. Having been self-conscious over my over-plucked eyebrows for years and years I started researching online. It was the good reviews from previous clients that made me go with El over larger salons and I am so, so glad I did. This woman is amazing: so good at what she does and a lovely person to boot. I was scared of having block eyebrows like you see on so many people these days but the individual strokes are completely natural looking. As El predicted many people have commented that my hair looks really nice or asked if I've lost weight. Neither is true (sadly) it's all down to how important the shape and style of your eyebrows are to your overall look.

My advice to anyone that is considering this is to go for it. The colour, shape, density, is all your choice and El will take as long as you need to ensure you are 100% happy before committing. Truly I can't recommend the treatment or El enough."


- Helen G.

"After a very successful eyeliner and lip enhancement, I have just completed a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement with Elka. Over the years, my eyebrows have thinned due to over-plucking and would not grow back to their thicker, more natural state. I had to use an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps and alter the shape. I also noticed that I was losing pigment in my brow hairs and they were getting a bit grey looking and less defined.

I consulted with El and she recommended going with a fine individual hair stroke enhancement that would give a soft, natural look. I am very happy with the results. I feel I have got back my younger brows, so to speak, and my face has more definition now and they work very well with by eyeliner enhancement.

As I am a bit of a fusspot, El and I spent a lot of time on the design. She was very patient and took care to achieve the shape I wanted down to choosing my preferred shade of pigment for the hair-strokes. 

In all three procedures, I have found El very professional with high standards of hygiene and patient care. In particular, the aftercare is very reassuring. El always books a followup so that you have a thorough review of the results and an opportunity to tweak things if necessary.

I would heartily recommend El to anyone considering having semi-permanent enhancements."


- Lauren W.

"As a Permanent Make Up Artist myself I understand the importance of choosing your technician carefully for these treatments! El is a highly trained artist having worked & trained with some of the top technicians in the country. I have had Eyebrows, Lipblush & Latino eye liner with El all of my treatments have been first class & I would not hesitate to recommend her, extremely professional, caring, patient & most importantly produces beautiful results. Thank you El I love love love my make-up!!"


- Nicola J.

"I had my eyebrows done with El. I had alopecia and my eyebrows don't grew back properly. It was my first time getting semi-permanent make up. I was little bit nervous and excited. El informed and explained everything about the procedure. She was very helpful, friendly and professional. Created a pleasant atmosphere during the treatment. I'm extremely happy and pleased with final result! My eyebrows look great and natural! And I'm happy that I don't have to use my pencil anymore. I feel more confident. Thank you again El! I highly recommend El to everyone!"


- Jasmine N.

I had semi permanent make up - lips with El and I cant say in words how happy I am with the results. My lips were uneven and not much colour or definition. Now I don't worry about all this imperfections because El sorted them out. On my top up day I had my eyebrows and eyeliner done too and im very happy with my results. I strongly recommend her!"


- Florentina I.

"Hi, El was extremely helpful when I arrived for the treatment and thoroughly explained the whole procedure to me and was able to answer any questions I had and she made me feel at ease and made sure I was happy with everything before beginning the procedure. Throughout the treatment El kept making sure I was okay and if I was comfortable. I highly recommend El for any semi-permanent make up treatments as I am over the moon with my eyebrows and certainly will be a returning customer."


- Millie L.

"If you think it’s going to be painful, think again - El is very gentle and caring with her approach. I felt comfortable and at ease, every step of the way was explained. The aftercare provided is excellent too: clear instructions and a special healing balm. Discomfort is very minimal though. I had it done in-between working hours and was absolutely fine. And my eyes look amazing! They are a true work of art, thank you again. My eyeliner has now found its forever home in the bin :-)"


- Lien R.

"I recently had a semi-permanent lip blush and eyeliner done by El. I felt that my lips were quite pale and I had a small scar on my upper lip which disrupted my lip line. I am very pleased with the result. El allocated a good deal of time to getting the shape right and was able to mix the colour I wanted. I now have a healthy looking blush to my lips. The outline of my lips is more clearly defined as well and El was able to fill in the gap in my lipline left by the scar. On the whole, my lips look younger and more attractive without makeup. As a bonus, El was able to neutralise a dark pigmentation spot I had on my bottom lip too, and it is now completely gone!

With my eyes, we started with upper and lower eyelash enhancement. Then we progressed to a lower lid eyeliner and an upper lid latino wing. Again, I am really pleased with the results. My eyes look bigger and more striking without any make up on and when I do add make up, I don't have to add any eyeliner. If I want different looks, I can always add some makeup for different effects like a more smokey finish. Another benefit to semi permanent make up is that it doesn't smudge or rub off, so your look remains sharp throughout the day.

All in all, I found El a very accomplished practitioner and I am happy to recommend her to anyone."


- Cecilly M.

"El is very professional and a perfectionist, which is very important with permanent and semi-permanent makeup. Also she has a very nice personality, easy-going, always pleasure to see her. And the result is awesome! Highly recommended."


- Yana I.

"I had a lip blush with El and all I can say is that she is amazing! She is so professional and welcoming and done a fantastic job. I am a permanent make up artist myself so I am very picky about who does my make up. I would 100% recommend her to anyone."


- Jade O.

"I got my Latino eyeliner done with El. I am really, really pleased with the results. El catered to my every need, including using a stronger numbing cream when needed and making artistic suggestions in order to make the final result look better than I had imagined. She is friendly and professional too!"


- Ania M.

"I've always had a tiny top lip and has always knocked my confidence. I would never wear any lipstick/gloss as I didn't want to bring any attention to my lips - I was recommended by a friend who was training with El and decided to give semi permanent make up a go. El was very clear from the beginning what she was going to do and always professional - from the start she made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands! I've now had a touch up after 6 weeks of the initial treatment and I'm over the moon with how my lips look. El has done an amazing job and I couldn't be happier!!"


- Danielle K.

"I've been toying with semi permanent makeup for years but never plucked up the courage. When I went to see El she instantly made me feel at ease. Looking through her work I could see she has a well trained eye and great skill in achieving a natural look. El explained everything to me throughout the session and, despite my eyebrows being tattooed I actually fell asleep, I was so comfortable. El has a very gentle but confident touch and I'm thrilled with the results. I'm booking in to get my eyeliner done next!"


- Amanda S.

"I am so happy that I found El and had my lips done. Now I wake up everyday, and don't have to apply lipstick, no smudges on my glass or coffee cup. My lips look incredible natural and I've gotten numerous compliments of them! El is a true expert in mixing her colors,knowledge, very professional and talented! Nothing was too much for her answered all my questions very patiently and thoroughly. I recommend El wholeheartedly and without hesitation!"


- Justyna M.

"El is fantastic!! I have had my eyeliner, brows & lips tattooed with El. I was completely comfortable through out my treatment, I felt very at ease & safe in the knowledge that she has trained with some of the top technicians in the country. Im extremely pleased with the results ☺☺☺"


- Nic J.

"This lady is a semi permanent superstar!! Recently had my eyebrows done by El and I'm over the moon she is very professional and couldn't ask for a better outcome. Been searching for 2 years for someone to do my eyebrows and I'm so happy I found El! Over the moon with my eyebrows and would highly recommend this lady. Thank you so much will be coming back!"


- Becka C.

"I had my eyebrows done with El. El informed and explained everything about the treatment. She was very helpful and professional! I'm very happy and pleased with final results! My eyebrows look great and natural!"


- Timea K.

"I had my eyebrows, eyeliner (top and bottom lid) and lip liner done here with El. She was absolutely fantastic since the moment I showed interest, explaining how the treatment works and how it will look like afterwards. Her recommendations once I booked were honest and professional, and I received top notch attention when deciding the colours and shape of the features that were most suitable for me. Because El provided all the information and advice beforehand, on the day of the treatments I felt totally confident, everything went as expected, including the healing period afterwards. I'm extremely happy with the treatments; I save up at least 15 minutes every day doing my make up! I can't recommend El enough, she's a fabulous professional!"


- Stef P.

"I was extremely nervous about getting my eyebrows done, but El listened carefully to my requests. She took the time to pencil my eyebrows in and make necessary adjustments to ensure I was happy with the shape before actually applying the permanent ink. After she worked her magic I was stunned by how natural then end result was. She has also done a great job with my eyeliner too! I would highly recommend El to anybody considering having permanent make up done, she is trustworthy, attentive and professional, and now that my eyebrows have fully healed, I am happy with the final result."


- Stacey B.


"I had an upper and lower eyelash line enhancement done with El and am extremely happy with the results. From the offset, El was very helpful and informative. She has a lovely disposition as well as maintaining a professional demeanour. I was a little anxious at first but El put me at my ease and talked me through the procedure and what to expect. She allocated good time for planning the design with me and making sure she understood what I wanted before beginning the enhancement.

Throughout the procedure, El was very solicitous of my comfort levels and I was pleasantly surprised at the efficacy of the topical anaesthetic. Following the procedure, I was given very useful advice on aftercare and surprised again at how little healing time was required. I have no hesitation in recommending El to others and I am already planning on having another enhancement with her!"


- Geri F.

"El is the friendliest, most hygienic and professional therapists I have met. I had semi-permanent make up done on my eyebrows and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the first procedure, El ensured that she explained everything very thoroughly to me, also created a very pleasant atmosphere which helped put me at ease. There were confirmation emails and she made sure that she fits around my schedule, for which I am very thankful. My eyebrows look great, thanks to El's magic touch!! I would definitely recommend El to friends and family; and would consider having another procedure done by El. Many thanks xxx"


- Vicki K.

"I had my semi-permanent eyeliner with El and absolutely love them. During the process, El talked to me through each step of the process to keep me informed of what she was performing at each stage and it put me at ease to know what was happening next. The whole experience was so pleasant and calming. The clinic provides a high quality of the anaesthetic and El's skills is down to very down to earth, she carrying out the procedure knowing how to administer it correctly. I absolutely adore my eyeliner now! .El did a great job! I highly recommend El, she is sweet and nice too ;)."


- Pei Q.

"I had my eyebrows and eye liner done with El and it was fantastic. It was my first time getting Semi-Permanent make up and I must confess I was a bit anxious as didn't know what to expect but she was great. I am totally in love with my new eyebrows and eye liner and the best part was the after-care. El makes sure you are fully satisfied with the result and is very keen on doing a follow up to make sure all went well. Highly recommended!"


- Mandy S.

"I had both my eyebrows and lips done by El Truchan in a nice and clean clinic in Wimpole Street, London. I have to say it was the best thing ever. Eyebrows are great, opened up my eyes. I did suffer some discomfort for the lips but the results were worth it especially recently on holiday when it looks like I had freshly applied lip gloss. For me it was money well spent and the overall effect was brilliant. The procedure is usually done in two stages allowing few weeks between them. Now my semi-permanent make up should last between 12 and 18 months depending on my skin and the aftercare. I would thoroughly recommend El!"


- Mrs Elisa T.

 "You did such an amazing job on my lips and I followed your strict after care advice. They have healed beautifully with no imperfections. I just want to thank you once again, as your client care was impeccable and you achieved the exact result I was hoping which was buy the way more defined, natural lips with a touch of tint. I never embarked on this treatment for any confidence boost reasons bit it definitely has done this anyhow. I look forward to contacting you in the future for further maintenance appointments."


- Vicki M.

"After looking for a more permanent solution to fuller brows, I discovered this was the most fitting solution but was pretty sceptical about having this treatment done - technique, cleanliness, accuracy, satisfaction where my main concerns and I must say El ticks all the boxes. 1st and foremost she is professional and very lovely. She will explain thoroughly what to expect before, during and after. She advised me on the best brow shape for my brows yet let me make the final decisions which I think is very important in a treatment like this. 
Last but not least the results are fantastic and she is a available to answer all questions.

Fab experience and highly recommend!"


- Lorrie O.

"I came to see El to have semi-permanent eyeliner done, she explained everything in full and went through the procedure and consultation with great care. I did expect the treatment to be very painful but I was assured that the numbing cream would help, which it did. 

The aftercare was clear and I knew what to expect over the next couple of days while the area healed. The overall look once finished was brilliant and when the slight swelling to the area went down a day later it looked even better. 

I'm so pleased with it that I would recommend El to anyone who is thinking about having it done."


- Cristina C.

"I have had my eyes, brows and lips done. El is a professional: the job was done with precision and painlessly. I have not had any side effects or swelling after the treatment. I would highly recommend El to do eyes, brows and lips and I am extremely happy with the way I look now."


- Barbara W.

*** There are new testimonials being added regularly. All existing testimonials are true and written by the actual people who had  treatments with me and can also be found on the Wahanda website or my Facebook page under El Truchan.

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