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3D Ultra Hyper Realism Nipple & Areola Reconstruction Medical Tattoo


If you are looking for the best and most realistic 3D Hyper Ultra Realism Nipple and Areola Restorative Micropigmentation Medical Tattoo or just a simple Colour and Shape Areola Medical Tattoo or Areola Scars Camouflage Tattoo in London, also known as Semi / Permanent M Makeup, you found it!

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For the FREE NHS clinic dates for Female & Male Nipple / Areola Medical Micropigmentation Paramedical Tattoo please also get in touch.


Creating the 'Nipple and Areola' is the final component to making your breast reconstruction complete. Some patients are comfortable without having a nipple, and do not wish to have further surgery. Others choose the non-surgical option of tattooing without reconstruction. Medical Tattooing allows colour pigmentation to simulate the Nipple & Areola with the 3D contour of an actual nipple. 


Most natural realistic areolas are achieved with medical tattooing. In modern approaches to nipple reconstruction, the nipple mound is created from skin taken as a local flap on the reconstructed breast. Various local flaps have been described, including the 'Skate flap', the 'C-V flap' and the 'Star flap'. Regardless of which approach your surgeon chooses, the outcome will be a nipple mound. The areola can then be tattooed. Common donor sites for the graft include the abdominal scar from a flap reconstruction, the inner thigh, or the buttock crease. With Micropigmentation/Medical Tattooing the impression of the actual nipple can also be achieved without having to go through the 'Nipple Mound' surgery (flap creation).


El is able to work with the 'Nipple Mound' or with a bare skin graft to create very realistic '3D Nipple and Areola' results. For more information or to book your FREE consultation please contact us on 0208 022 1267 or email

*** Please refer to the Gallery page for more examples of Nipple & Areola Restoration and other Treatments pictures and to the Price List page for the prices and packages.

Scar Relaxation & Removal of the Excess Collagen


Treatment is designed to break down the scar tissue so it can be absorbed and removed by the lymphatic system. At the same time the healthy skin cells are stimulated into re-producing fresh Collagen, Elastin and Melanin to restore the original structure and colour of the skin.



Pigment Recovery Stimulation


The process is designed to stimulate the body to renew and repair the affected area, allowing the melanocytes to move freely in the dermal layer of the skin, the process is also known as phagocytosis. Stimulation to the area triggers body to re-programme and return the area to the state it was before the trauma took place. 

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