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Everything You Need To Know About A Lip Tattoo

by El Truchan Award-winning PMU, Microblading, SMP and Medical Tattoo Expert, London Permanent Makeup Artist

Yes, it’s time to show off those lips again

The basic lip tattoo facts

> A lip tattoo, also known as ‘lip blushing’, 'lip colour" is a professional permanent cosmetic procedure also referred to often as Semi-Permanent Makeup.

> Lip Blushing / Tattooing focuses on gently altering the shape of your lip as well as the colour. The colour can vary from bold solid colours to opting for more natural lip colour and something subtle which gives way to a natural ‘blush’ effect.

> Most people opt for the procedure because they want to achieve younger-looking lips.

Want to know more? Keep reading to find out what you need to know about lip blushing.

The top benefits of lip tattoo

There are some incredible benefits to getting a lip blush tattoo. To give you a few ideas:

> You’ll have fuller-looking lips. Your lips will be more defined while at the same time, the appearance still comes across as natural. That is due to lost or often faded shape restoration. Not to be confused with a lip filer which adds the actual volume.

> Lip blush tattoos are great for those of us who lead busy and active lives and also those of us who experience oily skin. Why? Because lip blush tattoos are waterproof! This means if you’re working out at the gym or in the swimming pool you have absolutely nothing to worry about - whereas makeup obviously can smudge easily and quickly.

> Evens out lip discolouration.

> A practical and less stressful option for those of us that don’t have a steady hand when applying lipstick or lip liner.

> Achieve a fuller and fresher appearance.

> Saves you time.

> A boost to your self-confidence.

> Bad eyesight preventing neat makeup application

> Looks exactly as intended at all times including sun holidays

The procedure

The first thing that will happen before the procedure starts is the numbing of your lips. This is so you feel more comfortable and relaxed. A natural-looking pigment or more lipstick imitating pigment will be inserted into your lips using tiny needles.

Does a lip tattoo hurt?

Due to the numbing agent that will be applied to your lips during the procedure, your comfort will be ensured to the maximum. Our practitioners will do their utmost best to ensure you feel as relaxed as possible during the procedure, we’re here to take care of you.

How long does lip blushing last?

Over time, cosmetic treatments will gradually fade and results in clients do vary. Typically, with a lip blush tattoo, the duration is 1-2 years before a touchup needs to be considered. There are factors that can contribute to how long your treatment lasts; sun exposure, skin type, pigment type.

The risks and healing process

Bleeding, swelling, and some discomfort is normal during or right after treatment. Scabbing can be expected to last 5-6 days post treatment. Here at Perfect Definition, we’re absolutely adamant about getting to know your skin type and any allergies and other important info before treatment is carried out. We want your experience to be nothing but positive and your safety is at the heart of what we do.

We will give you clear and safe after-care instructions. These instructions will include important information about what you should and should not do during the healing journey. We’ll also talk you through the use of cold compresses and when you should use them to relieve any swelling or discomfort, as well as what foods and drinks to avoid (citrus fruits and spicy foods can inflame and irritate the area).

You’ll be strongly advised to keep the area clean and protected at all times during the healing process. Your skin will be more prone to sensitivity during this time, you’ll experience changes during the healing process which can include dryness, itching, and flaking. One of the most important things you can do to ensure the best possible results during your healing time is to not pick, scratch, or irritate the area. We don’t want anything to jeopardise your final results!

Healing time can last up to 6 days for the superficial layers, and slightly longer for the deeper layers of skin (6-8 weeks).

I can’t decide if I want a lip blush tattoo or not

We can’t make this decision for you, but we can certainly advise you. We’re professional tattoo artists and we’re here for you. We’re here to go through absolutely everything prior to your appointment. That means that with any questions, concerns or fears you may have - our team are here to inform you with our expert knowledge and to make you feel reassured. No question is ‘too silly’ to ask. Check out our FAQ, Gallery of Photos and Videos, Email us.

We’re here to help determine if you are a suitable candidate or not. If you are, we’ll go through in detail the shape of your desired lips and we’ll plan the outline together.

Choosing to have a lip blush tattoo or dark lip neutralisation can be a fantastic decision, but we understand it can also be a daunting decision to make. Feel free to get in contact with us - we’d be delighted to talk person to person!

As always it's super important to book with a highly trained and qualified practitioner. At Perfect Definition, we offer award-winning treatments and services and recently won a highly commended Safety in Beauty Award for the Best Beauty Business of the year. That's in addition to a multitude of other long lists of awards won every year! Contact us today to arrange your award-winning PMU here in the heart of London.


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