Winner of London Prestige Awards

There are no words to describe how proud I feel with each of these awards! I wake up super early every morning, get on the train same as everyone else, usualy no time to have breakfast - just a quick coffee, then I work for 9-11 hours straight with little breaks or none.

Once back home I answer enquiries until about 10/ 11 pm and then I go to sleep. I never wonder why I am doing it, even when people ask why I work such silly hours. I just love my work. The whole scope. I love how with just my two hands I can make such a difference or improvement to so many people's lives.

I never expect any recognition for it. This is just what I do, what I love doing. But last year and this year have been full of amazing surprises with this AWARD being one of them!

It makes me look back and see the whole journey and appreciate all the ups and downs; everyone who was there to help and give me a push when one was needed and the amazing people I have met along the way. Yes it took a lot of hard work - but what doesnt! If you ever feeling that you are not getting there, push through it! If you love what you do, don't stop. You will make it too!

Thank you for the continued support!

El x

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