Areola + Colour & Shape Recovery Medical Tattoo by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

I had the privilege of helping this strong and beautiful lady. She had a mastectomy to remove cancer tissue. As you can see her whole right breast is a large graft taken from her stomach. There was no Areola there at all, but someone has attempted to tattoo it before me with only a circle outline residue and some nipple shape that held. Left breast - heavy scarring around the nipple and areola area, old nipple tissue lost the colour and got stretched out of shape during the healing after tissue underneath was removed. This beautiful lady wished for the soft natural pink colour recovery for the left breast in a nice, much smaller shape as she used to have + something that would look similar on the other side. The 2 breasts are completely different colour & skin thickness and result is slightly different for each side but we were both please with the outcome considering what was there before.

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