Treat your dad to Microblading or Permanent Makeup this Father’s Day

If you are stuck for gift ideas this father’s day – we have the perfect suggestion for you, what about Microblading, Microneedling or Permanent Makeup? Although it may sound girly, you couldn’t be further from the truth as Microblading, Microneedling and PMU are just as appropriate for guys as it is for girls.

Give a gift that keeps on giving this Father’s day, with a treatment that will last way past 18th June 2017.

Still not convinced? Here is the lowdown of treatments on offer at Perfect Definition, which could be perfect for your dad….

Male eyebrows reconstruction

El will create an ultra realistic/natural look for your dad using the Microblading technique. Fuller, more symmetrical eyebrows can be achieved whilst remaining natural looking.

El says - "Many men turn for help with their eyebrows as they often get affected by the thinning or a loss. It will not look feminine, so don't be worried! When I create men's eyebrows they will be as manly as you want them to be and you also get to see the design before going ahead.”

Acne and other scars

Microneedling is a method used to break the scar tissue apart and at the same time encourages your body to create new healthy cells, which will be rebuilt with collagen, elastin and melanin. The old scar tissue will be replaced with newer, healthier looking skin.

El says “For darker skin tones where the melanin might not be recoverable, El may advise Micropigmentation of the area with matching skin colour pigments – which is a form of Medical Tattooing.”

Stretch Mark Treatments

Yes! Unfortunately guys get stretch marks too. Microneedling is the method used for treating stretch marks. El will stimulate your skin to create fresh and healthy new cells to replace the damaged stretch marked skin. This will in effect reduce the stretch marks and replace them with healthier looking skin.

El says “Heavy exercise and muscle building, weight loss and gain can can come with side effects: stretch marks. While some man don't care or notice them, others do. If you are one of them - help is at hand! We can microneedle your scars and stretch marks to allow the cell to rebuild the healthier looking skin.”

Scalp Hair Stimulation

Whether your dad suffers from partial, patchy or complete hair loss, Micropigmentation will create a simulation of micro hairs on your scalp. The results are very natural looking and can last 1-3 years and longer in some cases.

El says – “A lot of men struggle with hair loss and while topical solutions available on the market can be of assistance, why not consider the more permanent solution? Contact me for your consultation and we can review your options.”

Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Wrinkles similarly to stretch marks and scars can be successfully treated by Skin Needling. The treatment does not cause any discomfort and allows for the wrinkle crease to be broken down by the body, which will rebuild with a healthy and undamaged appearance to the skin.

El says “It’s not just ladies that get bothered by the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In this generation both men and woman want to maintain their health and looks. And why not?! With medical science allowing us to, we should all consider ways of prolonging our youth in a safe manner.”

Vitiligo Treatments - Medical Tattoo Camouflage / Pigment Simulation & Pigment Recovery Stimulation

If Vitiligo has been in remission for 2 years, El can use micropigmentation or microneedling techniques to skilfully camouflage the de-pigmented skin or stimulate it for the natural regain of pigment.

El says – “As a sufferer of vitiligo myself I know exactly how it feels having it. Contact me to discuss your options.”

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