In this article, lifestyle and beauty blogger Hayley shares her experience on her brow touchup with El.

If you missed her first blog on her treatment, you can read it here.

Thank you to Hayley for writing this review on her treatment with Perfect Definition. For now, it's over to Hayley....

You may remember that a few months back I went down to London to have my brows tattooed on, if not then you can read more on my first adventure in to 3D brows here. As I mentioned in the initial post once a few weeks had passed I needed to go get them ‘topped up’. But before I go in to all the goodness of the top up let me fill you in on how my brows were after the initial treatment…

After my first treatment my brows were a little swollen but felt fine on the whole, then a few days after they started to dry up and flake slightly, which is totally normal. The worst part of this healing process is trying your hardest not to pick the flakes off; we all know how hard it is to resist pulling or picking at at a scab, and this is exactly the same. I managed it though and once they had all fallen off naturally it was then a few weeks for the pigment to resurface over the healing skin, when it had my brows were left looking more defined. The below picture is my brows after the healing period for the first treatment.

As you can probably tell the pigments had come out in some parts and they were looking quite ‘soft’ – although I loved them I just knew they were not quite perfect just yet, which is what the touch up treatment is for. The treatment package comes with your first treatment plus a free touch up, so off I popped to London to visit El again.

Again I travelled down to see El from Perfect Definition at the Stonehealth Clinic in Bank which offers so many different treatments such as cosmetic dentistry, chemical peels, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion plus a whole lot more. This is the same with El, she doesn’t only offer brow enhancements, but also does lip tattooing and eyeliner, but the most interesting to me is the more medical side of the treatments such as nipple reconstruction, vitiligo treatment (skin pigmentation) and hair simulation. It’s truly amazing what the treatment can achieve and the confidence it gives to people.

Anyway, for my touch up treatment El inspected my brows again to see how I had taken to the initial treatment and said the pigment hadn’t taken so well at the front of my brows which was likely due to my skin being thicker there. To rectify this she explained that she would go deeper in to the skin with the needle to ensure the pigment takes, but that they don’t do this on the first treatment as it’s best not to go in too strong. I explained I wanted the colour to be a little darker and cooler toned and for them also to be a little thicker, As before El knew exactly what I had in mind and set off drawing my new thicker brows on, once we had agreed on them it was for treatment to take place.

I mentioned in my first post that there is barely any pain at all, so much so that I nearly fell asleep again during the treatment. After about 15-20 minutes my new brows were done and once El had shown me them in the mirror I was over the moon, so much so that no amendments were needed. The healing process this time round was a little bit more intense as the needle had gone deeper, so the ‘scabs’ seemed to be a little thicker and itchier, but they fell off by themselves within the week. I am now left with lovely thickish brows that match my hair colour perfectly and that I no longer need to draw on unless I am off ‘out out’ and I want a little more drama to my brows.

I haven’t included a full after picture now the scabs have come off as I will be doing a final post in a couple of weeks once the full healing process has taken its course, plus I have just had botox in my brows to help lift my dropping eyes. My final post with the full healed results should be in around 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for that. But, any pictures you have seen of me on Social Media lately have all been with nothing on my brows except a little swipe of Gimme Brow, and considering the state of my natural brows this is a major triumph for me.

If you’re interested in seeing the treatment in action then you can check out my vlog below.

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