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Semi-Permanent Makeup for professional and busy women

Our makeup experimenting days are behind us, we know what we like and what works well for us. We have our day makeup and evening makeup routines and rely upon our well-trusted makeup brands. We are not afraid to pay a bit more for a long lasting good quality product.

We also have a busy lifestyle, which includes forever trying to juggle with work/life balance.

We don’t really have that much fun or more importantly time to faff about with makeup every morning before work or on the school run. We are forever wishing we could have that extra 20 minutes sleep instead of having to draw the eyebrows... and of course we hate leaving the house without "our face on"!

When is the right time to consider Semi Permanent Makeup?

By now the eyebrows might be getting a bit thin or they have been over plucked in our younger experimental days. The eyebrow tails may also be slowly sinking downwards, making the face look a bit tired, while years ago they had that proud arch to them.

Or maybe you just look at your eyebrows and know something is not right, but you aren’t sure exactly why that is and what to do about it?

Well, our past, environment, gravity and many other factors have a huge impact on the way we look, which has a huge impact on the way we feel.

How do those movie stars, TV personalities and other celebs do it? How come they age while looking good, having full, arched eyebrows that always look fresh?

The answer is: they have makeup specialist who are paid to ensure they look good, their eyebrows are shaped correctly and their eyeliner stays in place!

But that's not the only way anymore. With paparazzi's camping outside the windows waiting for them to slip up and leave the house without that perfect makeup, many of those celebs have chosen the longer lasting option for their good looks - semi permanent makeup.

Why should I choose Semi Permanent Makeup?

It doesn't cost a fortune (although it shouldn't be cheap- that's alarm bells ringing)! Think of it as an investment, you are buying a good quality product that will last and serve you well. You don't want it to be cheap; it's your face we are talking about.

If you choose your specialist right (doesn’t mean you have to go to the ones that advertise as artists to celebrities), you can have fantastically done semi-permanent makeup. It can look super natural, whilst fulfilling your desire to look great without looking too done up. It can also be more glamorous for ladies that like their makeup to stand out.

Literally miracles can be achieved, taking the years off your face or helping you look perfect at all times.

No more smudges, rushing in the morning to get the eyebrows right, making your partner mad at you for being late again due to the "makeup crisis".

When I see the client, we always discuss in detail what the desired outcome is, and then we match the colours, draw the design and only when we both are happy with everything do we then go ahead.

How convenient would it be to only have to pop in to see me once every 9-14 months to get it freshened up and not worry about your makeup the rest of the time?

How useful would it be to go on those beach holidays, swim, bathe and not worry about makeup whatsoever?

How easy would it be to pop to the gym without having to take off/ put on or reapply makeup thereafter? It's just there and it’s perfect!

And when you wake up in the morning- roll over to see your partner knowing you look great even first thing. Then look in the mirror and see yourself exactly how you like to see yourself.

Well, I know how it all feels, as I've been having my whole face semi permanently done for about 9 years now, and it has made a huge difference to my confidence. I also saved countless hours on NOT having to draw my makeup every day.

For those who still have any doubts…..

I'm one of the 45 technicians across the UK and Europe who are holding International accreditation by Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals. I'm also trained and qualified to the highest level in Permanent Cosmetics as well as Medical Tattooist and micro needling specialist.

If you are looking for quality assurance, you have found it, so feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs.

I am always here to help.

Email me on:

Or call: 07876587988

You can find me in three locations: Harley Street, Bank and Chancery Lane

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