Topical Tattoo Camouflage for weddings/ interviews/ events / medical reasons Before - After

This lady contacted me for an urgent Tattoo Camouflage. She had a job related medical examination, where she was not allowed any tattoo's on any area of her body (I personally found that an absolutely ridiculous job requirement, in fact I thought it was quite discriminatory).

Anyway, she called me and asked if I perform such service and she was in a real panic as she couldn't find anyone in London performing it. There were plenty of laser tattoo removal treatments and other related ones but nothing that could actually allow her to keep her tattoo's while covering it so well that it would become invisible to the eye of a medical examiner.

Being a vitiligo sufferer for years I am more then familiar with topical skin camouflage products, so I managed to fit her in for an urgent appointment.

The requirement was even more bizarre due to the fact that she was actually being flown to Dubai the next day for the medical examination and the camouflage not only had to look realistic but also survive in perfect condition for the flight, a shower and all other travel related activities.

She emailed me the day after to happily announce that she passed her medical and neither of the 2 tattoos was noticed.

Here are the Before and After of the 5 inch long back tattoo and the After of the 2.5 inch hip tattoo. I don't actually have the before of the hip one as I had unfortunatley forgotten to take a photo.

Please note how realistic the covered up skin looks including freckles, moles and skin shading.

This topical water resistant 24-48 hours Tattoo Camouflage is the perfect answer for hiding the tattoo just for a one off event, such as a wedding, special party, interview or a medical examination.

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