Time is money

Time is money right? I thought it would be fun to calculate and share just how much time it costs to create nicely looking eyebrows every morning? Let's say on average for anyone who has to draw them in – that is 10 minutes. One month will "cost" such person 300 minutes (5 hours)!!!! In one year that would be 60 hours of just drawing your eyebrows.

What's the average hourly pay in London?

Let's keep it low and say £15 per hour.

So one year (60 hours) at £15 an hour will cost you £900 worth of lost time. Madness!

I haven't even mentioned the actual cost of makeup pencils! Let's throw an additional 5 pencils used per year @ £12 each and you have now wasted a total of £960 worth of time and money on drawing your ....eyebrows. All of that in one year.

Have I mentioned having to top up your eyebrows in the afternoon or evening or whenever they smudge? No? Well, I won't even bother: -D. You can figure out the rest.

Don't you think it would be cheaper and more efficient to just get semi permanent makeup done?

Average cost of this treatment is £400-500.

...let's not mention the bottom of the scale - treatments in the ranges of £100-300, as for that money in London you cannot get good semi permanent makeup.

Good materials, needles, pigments, machine cost an absolute fortune! Trust me, I'm your doctor ;-)

But on a serious note- cheap jobs will be exactly that... cheap jobs on your face. If the treatment is cheap that means the tech won't be making any money, will rush through, cut corners and won't deliver the quality that this treatment requires. Is it worth the risk? I don't think so, but it's of course your face-your makeup - your choice.

If you decide that you do want professionally, correctly and beautifully delivered semi permanent make up then come and see me. Consultations are free! And I will save you time and money in the long run!

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