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Scalp Micropigmentation for Women

The rapidly growing hair loss treatment that can help increase your self-confidence

Female hair loss can be extremely harmful to your emotional health as well as how you feel about your own appearance. Nobody should ever have to wake up in the morning and feel anxious or scared about stepping out to their local shops in case passer-by’s start to stare.

Perfect Definition offers a procedure that can help to repair

any broken self-esteem and get your self-confidence where it belongs: soaring. SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) has taken the internet by storm over the last couple of years. We’re here to help you not only conquer the horrific anxiety that hair loss often leaves us with but to also help vanish it. You deserve to feel comfortable.

Scalp micropigmentation for women has recently been soaring in popularity due to fantastic achievable results. You may be wondering what exactly is SMP? Well, to give you the main idea - It’s a treatment that targets not just male hair loss but female hair loss too.

Today, more than ever with thanks to advanced treatment procedures, there are some incredible female pattern hair loss success stories.

Society sadly puts a lot of pressure on what our hair should look like. Suddenly, if we don’t have that desirable thick and full hairstyle, we start to self-doubt which can often lead to wondering if there’s something wrong with us. However, the reality is that many women experience some form of hair loss due to medical conditions and lifestyle reasons - stress can have a huge impact on our scalp.

• Hormonal changes

• Female pattern baldness

• Alopecia

• Ageing

• Extreme stress

• Diet

• Medical reasons

Chemo Hair Loss

The idea of experiencing hair loss after cancer is almost unbearable. It can make us feel ashamed, it can strip us of our dignity and we can end up feeling exposed and raw to the bone. But nobody and I repeat nobody, should ever feel ashamed or embarrassed by chemo hair loss or go through it alone.

In some cases, scalp micropigmentation can help you gain that feeling of ‘normalcy.’ We can help you have a shaved head look rather than being bald. Also, if you’ve experienced chemotherapy hair loss as patches, SMP treatment can help cover up the uneven areas without having to shave the remaining hair; this can be particularly useful for female patients.

We’re passionate when it comes to the concept of ‘positive inking’. If treatments like this one can help people feel a tiny bit better on their recovery journey - perhaps by helping them not be constantly reminded of their traumatic battle then we’re certainly here for it.

Adding thickness and volume to hair density.

Often referred to as scalp tattooing, scalp micropigmentation is a technique that offers a camouflaging solution to pattern balding. Whether you’ve just started to experience thinning hair or have already lost most of your hair, SMP is a fantastic long-term solution to help give you an illusion of thicker and fuller hair.

SMP is a cost-saving treatment, unlike hair transplants where the procedure can quite often produce unsatisfactory results.

How exactly does smp work?

Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that uses detailed micro-needles to insert pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of small hair follicles or short hair stubble or more density between the existing hair. You might be wondering how long the treatment takes, well to give you an idea -should never be considered just a one-off treatment; the process usually means 3 sessions to complete the treatment depending on the extent of hair loss, the areas of hair you’d like to work with or scarring.

The team here at Perfect Definition are here for you every step of the way.

Whatever your reason for wanting SMP treatment, we certainly are not here to judge. Highly certified and multi-award winning practitioner El Truchan is here to help give you the confidence booster you deserve.

From the minute you inquire about the procedure - whether you just want to talk to someone from our team about how things work in a little more detail or whether you’d like to book a consultation appointment, we’re here for you every step of the way.

For more information or to book your consultation please contact El on 07876587988 or


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