El Truchan featuring on Health Awareness - Bringing confidence to cancer survivors

BREAST HEALTH Medical Tattooing, Microblading and Permanent Makeup is helping women and men to feel confident, especially if an illness has impacted the way they feel about themselves. Women and men that have gone through breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, can have the final touches completed with 3D nipple & areola, Medical Tattoo restoration. A boost to body image Using pigments to match the original or remaining nipple/areola a tattoo can restore the areas and also help cover up any scarring from the surgery. These treatments provide an important part in giving a substantial boost to body image, confidence and gain a sense of normality while getting on with life again. Combining ex

El Truchan - Best Permanent Cosmetics Expert in London

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is incredibly personal, and it can come with a wide range of emotions throughout the entire process—from pre-consultation jitters to post-surgery “blues.” - The problem is they are many factors to consider when choosing a Cosmetic Specialist, their location, their experience, and how you feel around them. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult in choosing the right Cosmetic Specialist if you know what questions to ask. Patients look for a great Cosmetic Specialist because they want to look their best. They want their Cosmetic procedures treatments to be perfect, awesome looking, be functional, feel good and of course last a long time. The

3D Nipple & Areola Medical tattoo post mastectomy, 2 breasts by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

This amazing lady went through a double mastectomy, beat the cancer and came out stronger on the other side. After a few years, she decided to see me to help her get the impression of 3D Nipples and Areolas medically tattooed into her skin. This is the result we managed to achieve for her. She recalled her areolas being soft pale pink and that's what we aimed for. Nothing too sharp or too dark. It was my absolute privilege getting the chance to assist her with that final bit of her reconstruction.

Nipple & Areola Colour & Shape Recovery Medical Tattoo by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

This lovely lady had a mastectomy to remove cancer tissue. Left breast - heavy scarring around the nipple and areola area, old nipple tissue lost the colour and got stretched out of shape during the healing after tissue underneath was removed. This beautiful lady wished for the soft natural pink colour recovery for the left breast in a nice, much smaller shape as she used to have. I had a privilege of helping her with that.

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