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Microblading, SMP, Permanent Makeup, Medical Tattooing & Aesthetics by El Truchan

TELEPHONE : 02080 221 267

MOBILE : 07876 587 988

Webbed Toes & Fingers Separator

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Webbed toe tattooing is a specialized form of paramedical tattooing that aims to enhance the aesthetics of webbed or syndactyly toes. Syndactyly is a congenital condition where two or more toes are fused together by skin or tissue. While it is not a medical treatment in the traditional sense, webbed toe tattooing can provide both physical and psychological benefits for individuals with this condition.

One of the primary reasons people seek webbed toe tattooing is to improve the appearance of fused toes. The procedure involves tattooing pigment onto the skin, creating the illusion of separation between the toes and adding color to the area. This can help make the toes appear more distinct and aesthetically pleasing.

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