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Microblading, SMP, Permanent Makeup, Medical Tattooing & Aesthetics by El Truchan

TELEPHONE : 02080 221 267

MOBILE : 07876 587 988

Permanent Eyeliner Wing, Flick or Shadow Effect

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Bespoke eyeliner style with either wing, flick, wedge or shading, top and bottom lid or upper lid only. Is created individually as per the client's requirements. Permanent eyeliner, also known as cosmetic tattooing or eyeliner tattoo, is designed to provide long-lasting results. The longevity of permanent eyeliner can vary from person to person due to factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare.

- Latino Eyeliner
- Classic Eyeliner
- Smokey Eye
- Shaded
- Cat Eye
- Baby Eyeliner

Treatments are suitable for any females who are looking for a permanent makeup style eyeliner: Blonde, Redhead, Medium, Brunettes, all skin types, ethnicities and age groups. Also suitable for medical conditions such as alopecia, pre/post / during chemotherapy trichotillomania etc.

It's essential to follow aftercare instructions provided by El to ensure the best possible longevity for your permanent eyeliner. Additionally, protecting the treated area from excessive sun exposure can help extend its life. Keep in mind that while permanent eyeliner offers long-lasting results, it is not truly permanent, and the pigment will gradually fade over time. Therefore, regular touch-up sessions are necessary to maintain the desired look. Consulting with a skilled and reputable technician can help you understand the best approach for maintaining your permanent eyeliner and achieving the results you desire.

Please note annual maintenance visits (colour boost) will be required to maintain the same colour strength appearance.

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£400 - £495


2 hours


48 hours swelling




1 - 3 Years* Annual colour boost recommended


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