Helen Mirren reveals her new secret – eyebrow tattoos

April 23, 2018

More women over 60 are turning to eyebrows Microblading or Permanent Makeup Hairstroke Eyebrows, and here's a reason why...


Dame Helen Mirren revealed her biggest beauty secret – her artistically created brows. The 72-year-old actress delighted fans when she announced that the secret to her incredibly youthful looks is having her eyebrows tattooed on. The Queen actress confessed she has noticed a huge difference in her confidence after undergoing microblading. 




Speaking to the Daily Mail, she said; "I'll tell you what I had done recently which I love – I got my eyebrows tattooed. I was fed up of my brows barely being there and when one of my girlfriends got it done, I thought they looked great. They're very lightly and delicately done – but it means when I get up in the morning and I have no makeup on, at least I have eyebrows."




El Truchan says "Age is one of the main contributing factors to eyebrows hair loss. Fortunately I can now recreate what time (or overplucking) has taken away. I work with each client individual to create bespoke eyebrows suitable to their lifestyle, age, face shape and other needs. You get to see the colour and the shape designed for you, before we go ahead with placing the pigment inside your skin in a manner of realistically looking hairstrokes."



If like Helen you want to wake up in the morning with your eyebrows, get in touch!

info@perfectdefinition.co.uk // www.perfectdefinition.co.uk



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