Permanent Makeup makes a difference to people’s lives

One of the reasons I chose to become a Permanent Makeup artist was because I enjoy helping people and making a difference to their lives.

I was very fortunate the other day to meet a lovely lady who came to me for permanent makeup eyeliner. She leads a very busy life and was tired of trying to apply her eyeliner every morning.

What made her story a little different was that she was 100% visually impaired for over 20 years now, which made the task of applying her eyeliner every morning a bit of a challenge. She would spend ages in the morning trying to perfect her eyeliner but would unfortunately get it all over the place and would only know it wasn’t right when someone kindly pointed it out to her.

It was an absolute pleasure speaking to her and arranging the appointment and I feel very privileged that from all available artists out there she has chosen me to perform the eyeliner for her. We decided to go for a pencil effect (once it heals the result will look a lot softer in opposed to the freshly tattooed eyeliner you can see now). We have also chosen a soft black colour. Once I see her for the retouch visit in few weeks I will take the healed result photos to share with you all.

As I mentioned earlier on, this is one of the reasons I love my job so much. Helping a lady who due to visual impairment is unable to apply her eyeliner and I have been able to make her life a whole lot easier.

Permanent Makeup not only boosts people’s confidence but it also takes away a time consuming job every morning of applying makeup in a perfect way, not to mention trying to keep it fresh all day long.

For anyone who has a disability, which has an impact on them applying their makeup in the morning, contact me and I will be more than happy to help!

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