Self-harming scars

Working with scars I often come across clients with self-harming scars from the past that they now wish they didn't have.

Once the scars have matured and have a white or silvery colour microneedling or a micropigmentation treatment will help with reducing the appearance or disguising the appearance of the scar.

It works for all types of scars, including: self-harming, accidents, surgery and burns etc.

The Microneedling method

Scar tissue is broken apart, allowing for new healthy cells with own melanin to rebuild in the area giving the skin a healthier, more natural appearance. Several treatments might be required depending on the scar type/size/positioning so clients expectations must be managed.

The Micropigmentation method

Some scars, especially on darker skin types may not fully regain the colour from microneedling. In those circumstances micropigmentation could be a better option to switch to.

I always recommend starting with microneedling, as nothing is as good as your own skin recreating the healthy cells in the place of the damaged (scar) tissue. But in cases where the best result has been achieved with microneedling and some areas of the scar are still missing the pigment - we can micropigment such areas. It also may take several applications and pigments do also fade with time, thus yearly maintenance is recommended.

It's important to remember it's not a magic wand! It can take several treatments to achieve optimal results so patience is key with the above treatments.

For self harming scars, only people who have the self harming days well behind them can be treated as otherwise the procedure will be counterproductive if the person continues or returns to causing injury to themselves.

Many people have questions and concerns about microneedling and micropigmentation, so please do contact me for further information.

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