3D Eyebrows Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

This lovely lady did all she could to regrow as much of her natural eyebrows as possible. Several months later she decided to seek me out to put the final end to her eyebrows issue. We discussed thoroughly what the client wished to achieve, which of the hairs we should keep and which was best to let go of. After matching the colour and drawing the shape we went ahead. If you are also struggling with regrowing your natural eyebrows to the shape and density you once had or desire - you no longer need to worry. I can help! Contact me on info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

Mature skin Microblading Eyebrows + Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattoo by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

The ageing process can have a strong impact on how we feel about ourselves. This lovely lady wanted to restore the definition to her eyebrows and eyes. For years she continued with the makeup but eventually the eyes were no longer as good and drawing eyebrows and eyeliner became more difficult. She then heard about microblading and permanent makeup and approached me. This is what we have created for her. If you or someone you know needs some eyebrows or eyeliner or lips assistance then please do get in touch: info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

Blonde Eyebrows Hairstroke Permanent Makeup by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

It's often the case that blondes struggle with their natural eyebrow shape, colour and definition. Hair can be a lot thinner, finer and due to lack of strong pigmentation - nearly see-through. How can I make them look more visible without having to deal with the hassle of daily pencil application? How do I prevent the smudges throughout the day? How do I keep an even shape? How do I avoid having them tinted nearly black in order to actually see them for a few days before they wash off again? Its not easy, is it? Well, that's where i can step in with Microblading or Permanent Makeup, which will solve these issues for about 12-18 months. Want to discuss? Contact me on info@perfectdefinit

Eyebrows Microblading + Lash Enhancement Natural Eyeliner by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Eyebrows can become sparse and thin while maintaining the main shape. In such cases we can implement microblading to achieve density restoration and make any additional tweaks for the symmetry. Natural Eyeliner aka Lash Enhancement Cosmetic Tattoo brings out the definition of the natural lashes giving the lash base a denser and stronger appearance whilst enhancing the eye. It's the perfect double treatment for those looking to refresh their look without making the enhancements too obvious. Discreet but powerful! If you are considering enhancing your eyebrows or eyes - contact me: info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

Microblading eyebrows shape correction by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

We are not all blessed with perfect eyebrows shape, and many of those who we think are - often had those improvements made for them. The transition can be very dramatic. In the case of this lovely lady the eyebrows were growing very low at the tails and arch, creating a tired impression to her lovely face. After a careful consideration of all options and covering in depth the need for the future maintenance of the areas to be lifted; the client approved the colour and shape and we created the new refreshed eyebrows look for her. The effect can take take years off someone's face but the work should only be performed by a skilled practitioner as it involves a full shape redesign. If

Warm Blonde Mature Skin Eyebrows Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Eyebrows can become sparse and thin with age and in some cases no amount of tinting will fix the problem. This lovely lady had her eyebrows microbladed to restore the appearance of a warm blonde look she remembered from the past. This is what we created for her. If you or your mum or another family member is experiencing a loss of eyebrow density and thickness than please do get in touch to discuss your options: info@perfectdefinition.co.uk

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