Shape & Colour Correction Permanent Eyebrows Makeup @ Perfect Definition by El Truchan

This beautiful girl had her eyebrows done elsewhere and she was not happy with the shape and colour that they healed into. She had some removal and correction performed by an original therapist but still the shape and lifted tails were not quite right. She came to see me for some help and this is how we went about correcting the eyebrows shape and colour. If you looking to get your eyebrows corrected please get in touch to discuss and send photos:

Asian Eyebrows Microblading Density Fill + Latino Eyeliner Permanent Makeup by El Truchan @ Perfect

This beautiful girl overplucked her eyebrows and once she managed to regrow all that was possible she discovered that certain parts had gaps and were no longer dense as they used to be. We designed a denser and tidier shape together and performed the Microblading treatment once everything was approved. Then we moved onto the eyeliner. The client always wears eyeliner with a flick and that's what she wanted to have permanently created for her. Once the drawing was approved we went ahead with a treatment and here is the outcome. If you want to discuss your eyebrows or eyeliner contact me:

Slim Blonde Eyebrows Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Microblading can be used to achieve all sorts of styles and eyebrow shapes from thin and soft to thicker and bolder. This beautiful lady wished to maintain the slimmer eyebrow look and that's what we created for her in the blonde range of colours. contact me with your eyebrows need:

Oriental Eyeliner with a Wing (Latino) Permanent Makeup by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Each eyeliner I create is bespoke and I work together with each client to achieve the desired result. If the desired result is unrealistic or wouldn't suit the client I will also advise accordingly. Eyeliners are great for anyone but can be of special help to someone who struggles with a daily routine of drawing it evenly; sport enthusiasts; anyone with affected vision due to age or impairment or just an every day eyeliner "wearer" who would rather get the extra 10 minutes sleep in the mornings! For more info visit the website and contact me on

Realism Eyebrows by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Creating perfectly realistic eyebrows with topical makeup is not easy and.... it doesn't last. Topical products smudge throughout the day and do not last at all when in water or when water and sunblocks are involved. Thankfully with Microblading and Permanent Makeup this problem is no longer a problem. These Eyebrows were created by microblading method and will last between 9 months to 18 months until Colour Boost is required to maintain the look. Like my page and if you wish to discuss or book your treatment contact me on

Eyebrows Microblading for Density Restoration by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Even full and voluminous eyebrows can lack density leaving you wanting to fill them in. We can work with your existing eyebrows shape and only increase the desired density to the level you are happy with, saving you the hassle of having that filled in every day with makeup products. Like my page and contact me on to discuss you needs.

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El Truchan - Elite trainer at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy
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