Density Restoration Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

This lovely client likes her eyebrows looking dense. She has been having permanent makeup done for years and you can see her previous pigment residue on the "before" photo - lower part of the collage. Because the old colour residue was still quite strong and dark my new strokes had to be spaced further away from each other to avoid disappearing into the old background once healed.

El Truchan performing a Tendon Repair Suturing

Soo, yesterday I learned Sutures, Z plasty, how to stitch / repair tendons back together and how to do skin grafts!! I attended Plastic and Reconstructive surgery conference and practical sessions at Royal Society of Medicine! And you can see the outcome of my tendon repair on this video! I had an amazing time with all of the upcoming and existing surgeons there! Thank you for having me Royal Society of Medicine

Blonde natural looking eyebrows microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Often clients are used to having their eyebrows missing for so long that creating a design that is a lot thicker or voluminous could send them into a panic. Therefore it is important to work with clients to assess their desired outcome. This lovely client wanted to restore the receding fronts of her eyebrows, increase the density and give her a bit of a lift without changing her natural eyebrows shape too much and without making the new eyebrows looking too "makeupy". Here we have an oily skin type that will only take certain amount of strokes before turning into a powder brow once healed.

Realism Eyebrows by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Creating perfectly realistic eyebrows with the topical makeup is not easy doesn't last. Topical products smudge throughout the day and do not last at all when in water, if you sweat or suncreams are involved. Thankfully with Microblading and Permanent Makeup this problem is no longer an issue. These Eyebrows were created by the microblading method and will last between 9 months-18 months until a Colour Boost is required to maintain the look. Like my FB page and if you wish to discuss or book your treatment contact me on

Eyebrows Microblading for Density Restoration by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Even full and voluminous eyebrows can lack density leaving you wanting to fill them in. We can work with your existing eyebrows shape and only increase the desired density to the level you are happy with, saving you the hassle of having to fill in every day with makeup products. Like my FB page and contact me on to discuss your needs

Beauty Spot Cosmetic Tattoo by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

There might be different reasons for deciding to have a beauty spot tattooed. Some people just love that little enhancement to their features, others might have a blemish or a scar they wish to turn into a beauty spot. Whatever is your reason you are welcome to contact me on

Eyebrows for Blondes: Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

Every set of eyebrows I create is designed specifically for each client on the day of their treatment. All eyebrows are bespoke in shape, size, thickness and the colour. We work together to achieve the desired final outcome. If you are considering microblading then please do like my page and get in touch:

Eyebrows Thickness Restoration - Microblading by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition

If you have over-plucked / over threaded or over-waxed your eyebrows once, its possible that most of the hair will grow back. BUT if its a long term repetitive process, the hair follicles can get damaged and never grow back. I can assist with restoring an appearance of thicker eyebrows by method of microblading. If you are thinking of getting it done - like my page and get in touch:

Latino Eyeliner Permanent Makeup by El Truchan in London

Every eyeliner should be designed specifically for each client. What suits one person might not suit another one at all. It's also important to discuss the desired outcomes with the client. In this example we created a new eyeliner over an old eyeliner that the client had done somewhere else. The previous eyeliner was a bit disconnected from the lash line and we brought it back down as well as extended the flick info more flattering flick.

Look fabulous 24/7 with Microblading or Permanent Makeup by El Truchan at Perfect Definition

If you could choose to live in a world where you can fall asleep and wake up with fresh makeup you would wouldn’t you? Well you actually can! Choosing Microblading or Permanent Makeup can allow you to have beautifully naturally looking makeup that will not smudge or wipe away, regardless of how active your day is! Imagine not having to worry about getting that winged liner just right every morning before having to rush out of the door or going on holiday with perfectly filled brows without having to worry about them washing off in the pool – it’s what most women dream of! You can kiss your partner and still have your lipstick intact – it’s perfect (definition)! Most importantly, you can exer

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