Choosing the right lip shade – permanent make up

Permanent lip blush or full lip colour is fast becoming a hot trend all over the world. Year on year in the UK there are more women choosing permanent make up as a time saving alternative, and permanent lip pigmentation is a popular treatment. Getting your lip colour tattooed on might sound a bit scary, but it’s not like a regular tattoo. Lip pigmentation uses a much kinder, less invasive method of colour implantation, where pigment is only placed in the upper layers of the skin. It is a great way of adding definition, colour and perceived volume to your lips, making you ready for anything all day every day. When you decide to get your lip pigmentation done, one of the first questions will b

Permanent Makeup makes a difference to people’s lives

One of the reasons I chose to become a Permanent Makeup artist was because I enjoy helping people and making a difference to their lives. I was very fortunate the other day to meet a lovely lady who came to me for permanent makeup eyeliner. She leads a very busy life and was tired of trying to apply her eyeliner every morning. What made her story a little different was that she was 100% visually impaired for over 20 years now, which made the task of applying her eyeliner every morning a bit of a challenge. She would spend ages in the morning trying to perfect her eyeliner but would unfortunately get it all over the place and would only know it wasn’t right when someone kindly pointed it out

Microblading or Micropigmentation for Men

Microblading for men uses cosmetic and medical tattooing techniques combined with technologically advanced tools, to address common concerns such as; Hair Loss Thin/unsymmetrical eyebrows Scarring distorting eyebrow shape Vitiligo After a detailed consultation by El Truchan herself, pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted into the skin to address subtle corrections, emulate ultra-fine natural hair strokes or reproduce scalp-enhancing modifications, all of which can be designed with effortless ease. For years male actors and celebrities have used microblading, permanent make up and micropigmentation as a way to improve their appearance and highlight their iconic statement features, howeve

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