Beauty Spot Permanent Makeup: Before - After

A strategically positioned Beauty Spot can bring the face to life and can add a little character to the face. For centuries women have drawn beauty spots on their faces or décolletage and bring the attention to the area they are trying to enhance. Think of Marilyn Monroe - a modern day icon of beauty and her beauty spot. This beautiful girl came for her Beauty Spot and it looks just perfect on her pretty face.

Hairloss Eyebrow Reconstruction by El Truchan C.P.C.P.

Hairloss is a hard matter to deal with for men and women alike and it makes me happy when I can help, whether reconstructing eyebrows or impression of hair on the scalp. If you know anyone suffering from such condition - get them to contact me:

Lips Correction from previous Permanent Makeup treatment Titanium Residue: Before - After

This lady had her permanent makeup treatment done a couple of years before seeing me by 2 different technicians. When she came to see me she was very upset about the residue of the light/ cream coloured halo around her lips. This is a residue from her previous treatments with someone who used pigments with a lot of titanium. During a thorough consultation I explained that I will do my best to cover it but because of the amount of titanium outside of her natural lip line, I will also have to work outside of her natural lip line and it may take a few treatments to fix this. Also I had to use a stronger/ more vibrant colour (with no titanium - white) in it. She was happy to go ahead and a

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El Truchan - Elite trainer at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy
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