Hairloss Eyebrow Reconstruction by El Truchan C.P.C.P.

Hairloss is a hard matter to deal with for men and women alike and it makes me happy when I can help, whether reconstructing eyebrows or impression of hair on your head. If you know anyone suffering from such condition - get them to contact me:

Perfect Definition donates treatment to Breast Cancer Haven Charity

Contributing to charities is really close to my heart and I try to give something back whenever I get the opportunity, not just financially but also by donating some of my treatments to such worthy causes. I attended a beautiful event last week organised by Haven Breast Cancer charity. BLUSH is a yearly event where funds are raised to allow Haven to continue helping those diagnosed with breast cancer; from the treatment and throughout their whole journey. Haven - as the name suggest is a haven for those affected. They can find help and support from people who understand breast cancer and the emotional as well as physical impact it can have on the person's life. It's a place where you can com

3D Eyebrows Rebuild

This pretty girl had nice voluminous brows in the past but years of removal affected the regrowth. She came looking for more thickness and a correction of the shape. There was some residue from work done many years ago by someone else which we incorporated with the new design.

3D Nipple & Areola Reconstruction - Medical Tattoo

THIS is NOT offensive or explicit material. If you are offended by such images then it would be best to leave this page. 3D Nipple & Areola Reconstruction - Medical Tattoo by El Truchan @ Perfect Definition This is a work of love. This fantastic lady came to have her areola recreated and nipple fold pigmented following her mastectomy surgery many years ago. The colour is very strong when freshly tattooed and it will settle down to a lighter shade once fully healed in 6 weeks. These types of treatments are the most emotionally rewarding part of my work and I am always grateful for having the ability to do this. If you know anyone I can help in a similar manner - pass them my contact details f

Before - After - Healed Eyebrows Permanent Makeup by El Truchan

This fabulous lady had her eyebrows recreated by me recently and this is the healed result. When freshly done, eyebrows look darker, stronger and can be a bit sore. Once healed they look much softer and very natural (if that's the style you are looking for).

Christmas season is upon us!

I went to the John Lewis store on Saturday looking for a gift for my cousin's newly born baby girl. I arrived in the baby aisle and noticed.... a Christmas tree! Considering it was 1st October, sunny outside and some people were wearing t-shirts and flip flops, that was a bit of a surprise! But I'm sure John Lewis is not the only business already fully prepared for Xmas. That got me thinking about my own clients and if they needed to be reminded to get their microbladed eyebrows and Semi Permanent eyeliners, lips ready for the festive season ahead. The treatment doesn't take long at all, but with the healing and the retouch a month later it will be a good idea to book your treatments now! If

Natural Hairstroke Eyebrows by El Truchan for Mature skin: Before - After

This lovely mature lady, lost her eyebrows due to age. They were always very fair and never very strong. We have created a new shape for her together and have chosen a nice blonde shade that wouldn't overpower her. If your mum, aunt or gran has a similar problem, contact me and we can get that fixed.

Self-harming scars

Working with scars I often come across clients with self-harming scars from the past that they now wish they didn't have. Once the scars have matured and have a white or silvery colour microneedling or a micropigmentation treatment will help with reducing the appearance or disguising the appearance of the scar. It works for all types of scars, including: self-harming, accidents, surgery and burns etc. The Microneedling method Scar tissue is broken apart, allowing for new healthy cells with own melanin to rebuild in the area giving the skin a healthier, more natural appearance. Several treatments might be required depending on the scar type/size/positioning so clients expectations must be man

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El Truchan - Elite trainer at Nouveau Contour & KB Pro Academy
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