Scalp Hair Simulation - Micropigmentation

This lovely lady had a patch of missing hair on her head due to Alopecia. We matched the colour and imitated the strands of hair by implementing the pigment into her skin.

Being a Nouveau Contour Trainer

Becoming an industry trainer.... it feels like I've been doing this forever although it's only been 6 months since becoming an assistant trainer at Nouveau Contour UK. It is such a privilege to be nominated and invited to their ranks and working alongside the best of the best in the permanent makeup, microblading and medical tattooing industry. Being a trainer is not something I ever considered as a career path but being part of the Nouveau Contour UK training team while having my own full time microblading, permanent makeup and medical tattooing business is just a dream come true. I must say I'm enjoying the teaching side a lot and absolutely love passing the knowledge to our students and w

Eyebrow Colour Correction Before - After

This lovely girl came to correct the previous eyebrow outcome created by someone else a few months back. The colour has turned greyish/ashy. She also wanted to bring the fronts of the eyebrows a bit closer and add to the eyebrow thickness, as she likes them fuller. Due to the amount of pigment left and the strength of the previous colour I had to follow the previous technician's strokes pattern with the corrective pigments. It only took one treatment on this occasion to get a good result for the client, which she informed me of in her email, confirming she's very happy with them now 😊 Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to me.

Full Lip Colour - Before - After - Healed - Semi Permanent Makeup

This beautiful girl came to get more colour into her lips and increase the size of the top lip as well as redefining the flat Cupid Bow without making it look artificial.. I had the pleasure of seeing her again a few days ago. Her lips are now fully healed and this is the healed result.

Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Correction

This beautiful girl had her eyebrows done elsewhere the previous year. They have faded into a slightly salmon/ violet colour hue. I had to leave the strokes further apart and reinforce them in order for them to show up when healed instead of blending with the old colour.

New trends put brows on fleek

People who simply browse the Internet for popular trends would find that bold has become the new beautiful. Women’s eyebrows have quickly gone from slender and sleek to thick and full. Women have found there are four different ways to help eyebrows become like model Cara Delevingne’s. But if you are thinking about getting microblading or semi/permanent makeup on your brows, as mentioned in my previous article here, it’s important to do your research first. Microblading Microblading or a permanent makeup is a treatment that would help someone who doesn’t have shape, has sparse or overplucked hair or no brows at all. It’s a more natural look than a powder brow style because the makeup is appli

Eyebrows Permanent Makeup Correction

This beautiful girl had her eyebrows done elsewhere the previous year. They have faded into a slightly salmon/violet colour hue. Here is the before and after the colour correction. Such corrections are fairly easy, so feel free to get in touch if you need anything done.


In this article, lifestyle and beauty blogger Hayley shares her experience on her brow touchup with El. If you missed her first blog on her treatment, you can read it here. Thank you to Hayley for writing this review on her treatment with Perfect Definition. For now, it's over to Hayley.... You may remember that a few months back I went down to London to have my brows tattooed on, if not then you can read more on my first adventure in to 3D brows here. As I mentioned in the initial post once a few weeks had passed I needed to go get them ‘topped up’. But before I go in to all the goodness of the top up let me fill you in on how my brows were after the initial treatment… After my first treatm

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